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The Philippines Turns To Eating Rabbits As Pork Becomes Unaffordable

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Fluffy and yummy, rabbits are very popular in Philippines and now, people are considering them as a source of nutrients as the pork has become unaffordable.


According to reports, Philippines Agriculture Authorities are considering a rabbit as a substitute to pork as the country’s supply is dropping steadily. However, it is not clear yet if people are up for this idea of consuming rabbits.

Pork is the main dish in the Filipino cuisine, it is rather difficult for them to adjust to any other meat as it may not taste like it used to be. For instance, “Adobo” a dish made up of pork or chicken meat that is marinated in soy sauce and oil.

One of the reasons of elevated prices of pork is the African Swine Flu, a deadly and contagious disease in pigs that resulted in global drop in supply of pork markets.

Moreover, the Philippines were also affected by culls that took place as an aftereffect of the outbreaks.

In 2019, several outbreaks were observed in between of the coronavirus pandemic in the early 2020.

According to the experts, African Swine Flu does not affect humans. However it did affect the supply chain and price of the pork.

Due to the culls, the price of pork reached as high as $8.5 per kilograms.

Many Filipinos, who lost their jobs as a result of coronavirus pandemic, couldn’t afford to buy pork at such high prices. This scenario paved the way of consumption of rabbits.


Nevertheless, many dishes made up of rabbit meat are available in restaurants of Manila, Pampanga and Cebu.