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The Problem with Black Friday

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It's no secret that the holidays in general, but more specifically Christmas, just don't mean what they used to. People complain all the time that Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark holiday and that Christmas is just a commercial one.

We've found ourselves in a situation where people care more about presents than holiday spirit, joy, family, and love. That's why we see commercials for 'the best Christmas' gifts shoved in our faces as early as October each year.

People constantly complain about this, and yet, we are all guilty of perpetuating it. The fact that we have developed this commercial need to just buy each other stuff has lead to us creating an entire day dedicated to discounted prices and "great deals" on gifts for the holidays. People even get it off as an official holiday from work at a lot of companies now too.

There's so much stress to buy the perfect gifts and get the best deals that we can't even enjoy everything leading up to the holiday. I've had people asking me what I want for Christmas or telling me what they want me to get them for weeks already, and I haven't even wanted to think about it until after Thanksgiving is over.

The more we continue to perpetuate this idea that presents are all what a holiday is about, the more that is going to be instilled in the next generations minds. We are just developing a group of shallow minded individuals who will think the value of their relationships is based on the money they spend and the presents they buy.

So while presents are great and we shouldn't stop giving gifts to the one's we love, let's also remember to spread love and share moral values with children about the importance of this long celebrated holiday beyond tangible items.