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The Quietest Princess of All

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Did you know that in the entire Sleeping Beauty movie, Princess Aurora only has 18 lines of dialogue? By nature of the story, of course she wouldn't be speaking much while under a sleeping curse. But even Snow White, who also falls under a sleeping curse, and Ariel, who literally gets her voice stolen, each have more words to say in their films then our dear Briar Rose (yeah, Sleeping Beauty essentially has three names too).

It's funny to think about, that such an iconic character of a Disney movie can have the fewest lines in her own film. The majority of the movie is taken over by the evil plots of Maleficent as, for a while, her diabolic plan actually works. It's no wonder Disney later produced a live-action film centered around the villain as there was way more pre-determined storyline and character development to work with. 

Something is to be said for the times and the bias shown toward men back in the day as well. Hence why the end of the film focusing almost entirely on Prince Phillip fighting Maleficent in Dragon form because as is Disney tradition the Prince must save the damsel in distress.

That is one trope I'm glad we're moving away from as Disney progresses and evolves their storylines. Who's your favorite Disney Princess?

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