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The Reason Behind Spotify's Service Disruption Is Absurd And Infuriating

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Spotify experienced a major disruption in service earlier today, and it affected song playback worldwide. A large number of users also came up on Twitter and tweeted about the issue notifying the company of the problem. But while many may believe that the outage was caused by some international server issue, the truth is the company itself is only responsible for the interrupted service.

Apparently Spotify, a 21 billion dollar company, forgot to renew its TLS certification that was due earlier this year. While the company has not given into the allegations, a noted Cloudfare engineer has posted to Twitter about the irresponsible attitude. It is also suggested that Spotify was back in service minutes after its renewed its TLS contract. Although Spotify outages are quite uncommon, they have become more frequent in recent times. The music streaming service last experienced issues during a broader Facebook iOS SDK problem in July that meant the app crashed upon startup. It is being reported that around 93% of all Spotify users experienced the interruption starting at around 8 AM EST today. And the problem continued through an hour, till about 9.15 AM.

Twitteratti has tweeted some hilarious takes on the disrupted service recently. One user wrote, "Every song keeps stopping at 9 seconds and some won’t even load why tf is SpotifyDown." Another added: "Car journeys without music are the worst." And one joked: "How am I supposed to enjoy this 6 A.M. gaming session without my Slipknot?"