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The Remake Train Keeps on Rolling: Treasure Planet

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At this point, this topic should just be its own column. Once again, I am returning with news of a much beloved movie getting the remake treatment, but more specifically the animation-to-live-action remake treatment. Disney's next big film-that-really-doesn't-need-a-live-action-version step is Treasure Planet. 

Treasure Planet follows Jim Hawkins as he goes on the adventure of a lifetime when he travels on an intergalactic space ship (a literal flying ship) to find a hidden trove of pirate treasure.

Treasure Planet definitely falls under those Disney movies with more of a cult following. It's not one people talk about a ton, but the people that do are loud and passionate. Although it seems like an odd next step, we do have to factor in how long this movie will take to make and how many other films have already been announced and will be coming before, i.e. The Little Mermaid and Cruella de Vill.

Let's be real, Disney will never stop making remakes as long as they're making money. However if they keep being major let downs like The Lion King and Aladdin were, they may want to give some second thoughts as to how they should be going about making these remakes. Children may not be picky, but all of us mid-twenties to early-thirties individuals are the ones that will turn away the more they mess with our childhoods. Watch out Disney!

More about the remake here!

Owned by Disney.

Owned by Disney.