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'The Simpsons' is Predicting the Future Again

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Still from an episode of The Simpsons from ( source: )

Still from an episode of The Simpsons from

Over the years 'The Simpsons' has been known to get eerily close to animating real-life events or scenarios long before they happen. A few examples include: the three-eyed fish found in Argentina in water from a nuclear power plant; Siegfried and Roy getting mauled by one of their own tigers; and the Ebola outbreak.

Creepy right? There's a lot more than that, but some could be argued by cause and effect, like smart watches being invented because who knows maybe the first guy to do that was a huge Simpson's fan.

That being said, this newest one is also a little bit of a stretch. With all the media attention (rightly so) regarding the climate crisis and Greta Thunberg's empowering speech at the UN, people are making the connection to an impassioned speech Lisa once gave in front of her class about the damage climate change would do to their planet.

There are some parallels in predicting the roll of young people in the effort to make a difference and bring attention to the need for action, but to say that Lisa and Greta’s speech are exactly the same is a bit much. I think ‘The Simpsons’ predicting the future thing is totally fun and all, but this kind of problematic sensationalizing off little things is kind of where we get in hot water with a lot of media stories.

Anyway, enjoy all these other times ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the future!

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