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The Singer Of "I Can See Clearly Now," Johnny Nash, Dies At 80

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The singer-songwriter, producer, and actor Johnny Nash passed away of natural causes on Tuesday in his Houston home at 80. He was most famous for his million-selling feel-good anthem "I Can See Clearly Now," released in 1972, topping the charts when it was first released. 

The Associated Press reported that he was one of the first artists to bring the reggae genre to the United States. "I Can See Clearly Now" has been covered by an arrange of artists including Ray Charles and Jimmy Cliff. Other hits of his include "Hold Me Tight” and “You Got Soul." Nash expressed his love for music in an interview, saying "I feel that music is universal. Music is for the ears and not the age." 

Nash had a son, a daughter, and wife Carli Nash.

Source: The AP News