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The Smartest F**K YOU Letter Ever Written By A Celebrity?

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Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger (a Republican) was governor of California, a bill was proposed by Democratic rival, Tom Ammiano, who previously had informed Gov. Schwarzenegger to "kiss my gay ass", at a fundraiser.

When the bill came to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk, he vetoed it (declined to sign it into law) with the following explanation:

The explanation seems harmless, enough. But on closer inspection, you’ll see the Governor’s real message: 

F**k You.

However, after the sentence: “I am returning Assembly Bill 1176 without my signature”, you will notice that the first letter of every line after that spells “F**k You” which was the Governor’s way of giving the finger to Ammiano.

While Gov. Schwarzenegger was in office, he publicly denied that the hidden message was intentional. Instead, he dismissed it to the media as an “odd coincidence.” But it wouldn’t be until after he left the office that he admitted the truth. What do you think?