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"The story of the forties, the new moon of the lamp"

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"The story of the forties, the new moon of the lamp"

Once two girlfriends hurried out of the office. One says to the other, "Today is the new moon of Divya, Shravan will start. On the way home, I want to take Purana stuff, Aghada Durva. If I don't get Aghada, my mother-in-law will send me back to the market.
The other holds her hand and holds her for a moment, "Woman, I've been watching your run for so many years. You want to make a vow. Listen?"

My-My, confession is not easy, I know. But I have to confess sometimes frankly.
It is over forty. The body begins to chat, to show its existence. Listen to him for a moment and listen to him.
Children's school, husband's box, ego, your insistence to keep the responsibilities of the elderly in the house as you understand them. Of course, it is natural.
Even your unbroken struggle for it!
As a woman in the office, in principle, you do not like to make any concessions, you agree. He is also very proud of everyone.
For that, wait a moment while fighting hard on every front. Take a little "pause".
Your feet, standing up in the morning, try to tell you something.
The existence of this queen of Jhansi, who is traveling on an unbroken train, makes her existence felt somewhere.
Nowadays, hands chat while kneading dough.
While sitting in front of the children while studying, Gudgha suddenly knocks on the door while getting up.
You get up in a hurry and face the unreasonable oscillation. Swallowing "I g" on the lips.
You close your ears and start preparing for the next one.
You have only one birth.
What an exhausting body in the mood to become a superwoman.
Wait a minute
At this time, if you do not observe the festival in Shravan, it will work very well. Even if you just look at the photos and messages of your friends being buried and celebrated, it will work.
But take a vow in Shravan, confess to yourself, "I will give my body my ear. I will listen to it. No, if something comes together, I will have the courage to say it clearly. I will tell everyone at home that I am tired. Don't take it for granted."
See if it can be cured. Jamel Tula.
 This vow is not so easy girlfriend.

What to do for that? Come to your room with a strong mind. Sit on your knees for ten minutes. The mirror of the mind should be rubbed. Remember the face of your childhood. Will smile a little. Hold on to that smile and then chat with your limbs. Let them talk. Know their grief. Remember the face of childhood once again.
Take a deep breath. Tell your limbs from the heart, "Baba, I will not come down, I will not give up. You have supported me without grumbling for so many days, I will not leave you."
So what to do Rotate both palms over the face. A change of forty should be noted.
Change your routine a little. Release the tap of the basin near the oats.
Everything should be the same as before, this stubbornness should be left in it. Just make the cup of tea you want for yourself. For the first time in such a big house, find a corner for yourself. Take a pinch of patience, say, "Don't call me ten minutes, Ray," and slowly finish the cup.

Who should perform this fast of Shravan's forty?
Give yourself a secondary place and do it with a superwoman who responds to the demands of everyone in the house.
The mother should cover the house, reach the office, and study the kids and cover the Kitchen counter at night. It should be done by the wife of the husband who reads the paper, drinks two cups of tea, and does not bring any flour or groceries. Ask your mother-in-law to bring vegetables from the office and eat them at home. Every deaf woman who forgets that she has been born once, considers herself blessed in adjustment, and does not listen to her body, should make this vow.
The new moon of the lamp should begin. Follow it as long as you breathe.
The story of this forty stock answer is successful.