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'The Target Challenge': Cute Or Cringey?

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It hasn't been long since the Target challenge went viral on TikTok. What is the Target challenge? Well, put simply, couples have been buying each other gifts based on certain rules or preferences they've agreed on like "something blue" or "favorite drink" and getting each other things based on that from Target. The goal of the challenge is to show how much the couple or friends know each other. You will find it either adorable or annoying AF. 

The challenge isn't always between a romantic couple—it can be friends, sisters, brothers, coworkers, etc. Its parameters are usually set around "favorites," but can also be customized. Some are mixing it up with unusual criteria like "something that makes you laugh" or "something weirdly relaxing."

The key to making the TikTok interesting is the surprise element. The twosome is usually not shopping together and surprise their partner or friend with which item they got each other as one of them reads out the parameters. 

The downside to this is some people are feeling left out or lonely due to the viral challenge.