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The Witcher Was Such a Hit, Now They're Making an Anime

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If you haven’t seen the Netflix original series of The Witcher by now, what rock are you living under? This show had a huge audience long before it hit the streaming service. Fans of the books and the video games alike were so excited to see their favorite badass hit the screen, and Henry Cavill was shaping up to be an amazing Geralt (and he was). But the show was even more of a smash success than expected, drawing in people who didn’t even previously know or care about its source material. When Netflix does a show, it does it right to bring in fans from everywhere.

The show was such a hit, that not only has it already been green-lit for a second season, but now Netflix is calling for even more of Geralt. Their next venture into the world of the Witcher will be an anime style feature film exploring Geralt’s origin story. The film is to be produced in a collaboration between the show runners of The Witcher series and the studio that made the hit anime series The Legend of Korra. Now that sounds like this movie is in good hands! And hopefully it will be a nice expansion to the world, without being at the expense of useable material of wherever they take the series from here.

Image from Daniel Lee on Unsplash.