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The World's Loneliest Elephant Is Finally Getting Some Friends

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The loneliest elephant of recent times, Kaavan is all set to go on a journey of freedom and companionship. After the Marghazar zoo in Islamabad was shut down by Islamabad High court, it was evident that the animals were kept in an isolated and careless environment which prompted the Four Paws organization to conduct a medical examination of the mammal for its relocation.

Kaavan was brought from Srilanka in 1985 and was caged in a small place with a companion for 35 years. After the passing of the mate, the lonely mammal went into a state of different behavior due to complete isolation and lack of health and sanitary care.

Dr. Amir Khalil, the veterinarian, and leader of the Four Paws organization conducted the medical examination and concluded that the huge mammal was overweight due to malnutrition and lack of exercise. The Elephant’s deformed nails were also a point of attention to the activists, proving the poor structure of the enclosure and prompting the medical professionals to give it a long term foot treatment.

Even though Dr. Frank Goritz, the veterinarian from Berlin's Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research noticed a behavioral issue with the Elephant, he added that ‘Overall, the results from his blood tests are good, and his general health condition allows him to be relocated.’

After the closure of the zoo, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board took the step to assign Four Paws with the responsibility of the examination for a possible relocation. Although, it didn’t come as a lucky chance for two lions who died during a brutal attempt to transfer them into cages by lightning fire in the enclosure.

Kaavan gathered worldwide media attention for its freedom, especially from the legendary Cher who had consistently lent her voice for his release since 2016.