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There's An Easier Way To Wear Masks Now Thanks To This Teacher

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Ever since the coronavirus outbreak all around the world, the internet has been overflowing with memes and posts shaming people going nose commando or full on mask-less outdoors and around other people. The reason for many who neglect or deny the importance of a mask is usually related to the underestimation of the virus or the discomfort of wearing something on their faces. Now, a teacher, Angie Madden of Georgia, has discovered the ultimate way to eliminate at least the discomfort factor of wearing a mask by using a unique product found on Amazon: a face mask bracket. 

The product is a circular object shaped almost like a muzzle that lies underneath your mask. "When you wear it, it keeps your mask off your face. So you can hear me clearly and I'm not breathing my mask in and my mask doesn't move off my face and it's really, really cool," said Madden in her Facebook video.

She posted a video demonstrating the product to her Facebook friends last week and the post went viral, earning over 300,00 shares. She told Shop TODAY that the only downside of the product is that she sweats a bit while wearing it. However, that seems to already be a common problem while using masks in general, especially in the summer. 

This is a new and innovative way to wear a mask that will eliminate any excuse of discomfort while wearing one.