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These 5 Randonautica Encounters Were Downright Frightening

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Randonautia has been merchandising well on quarantine boredom and an exhausted population’s penchant for adventure. The notorious intent-expedition app generates random coordinates near users’ current location and sends them off for exploration. Randonautica; however, pays no heed to the accessibility or safety of the destination it suggests to its users. Hence, in recent months, the app has grown to become a global sensation, mostly because it imparted creepy coincidences while routing users to random locales.  

Randonautica particularly grew popular after sending a group of TikTok teenagers to a remote beach in Seattle, where they discovered a suitcase-enclosed dead body. But this isn’t the only creepy experience randonauters have encountered while using the app. There have been several other terrifying co-incidences, some of which are increasingly stimulating suspicions around the app.

1. Reddit user SpectrateX initially did not think that Randonautica was a legitimate thing. Neither did he believe in people’s narration of the creepy occurrences associated with the app. But one day, the user’s intent matched with his discovery, and that was enough Randonautica for SpectrateX.

2. Heartbroken lover BumblebeeGrape took to Randonautica to help deal with an ex who had returned in his life the past week. He was not disappointed.

3. DrakeBerzerker intended to discover an ‘ending’. Randonautica sent him to an open grave. 😬

4. Randonautica turned out to be more preachy than scary for an impulsive nathoo67. The Reddit user was looking for a direction to make progress at his new job and Randonautica sent him to a quaint turtle-rich pond. The message was then clear to the user.

5. To those who argue that there is no witchcraft involved with Randonautica, please explain this.