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These Chilling Real Ghost Stories Will Make You Believe

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The time has come to pleasantly entertain you with some awesome true stories about shadowy figures, moving objects, strange voices, and other entities that go bump and thump in the night. Permit me to present to you some actual, genuine statistics, concerning these various classifications of entities that sometimes do more than go thud in the nighttime.

According to two thousand and twelve polls, approximately half—45 percent—of Americans believe in ghosts. Scientists have come up with numerous rationalizations for apparition sightings, ranging from the physical (low-frequency sounds, magnetic fields, thermal patterns) to the psychological (suggestibility, fear of mortality). 

But while ghosts can’t be verified to endure, they cannot be resoundingly debunked, either. So, this being the case, I've selected five of the Internet’s most 'vivid firsthand experiences with the paranormal.' Read them, and then ask yourself: Do you believe that these legendary ghost stories have rational explanations? Or don't they? That's up to you to decide. I do know one thing, however, that the world is enormously more mysterious than we're able to humanly see. Don't you agree?


These stories are a first writing draft and will eventually be rewritten for further publication. Please feel free to comment on errors and other possible editing errors. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it. 

The Little Hands:

I’ve never resided in a haunted house, but my mother did as a teen. Other houses on her street had 'peculiar things' (sounds a little like a book title we're all familiar with) going on too. A few homes away from her lived a man and his family. One evening, one of his daughters went to bed with a severe headache. The next day, she was dead—she’d passed away from an aneurysm. 

Anyway, after the funeral, the family traveled away to get their minds off the tragedy. and the father asked my uncle—my mom ’s brother—to check on their pets. My mom and dad (they were dating then) went with my uncle; my mother had heard there was a grand piano and she wanted to play it, and my dad was studying to be a veterinarian. After entering the house, my uncle and my father headed to the basement to see the animals, and my mother proceeded to the piano on the ground floor. She was playing it when she sensed something graze her ankles. She thought a cat must have left the basement and walked past her. 

Nonetheless, a little unnerved at this point, she resumed playing, and she felt it again. She peered under the piano and observed nothing. When she commenced playing the piano again, she felt hands grasp her legs and grab them tightly. Shocked, she franticly bolted to the basement door, summoned her friends, and helplessly waited for them. 

After what seemed like hours, When they all trekked outside, everyone could tell she was rattled and they asked what was wrong. She told them what had happened, and they turned white. They told her the daughter who died, used to play a game with her father. When he’d play the piano, she’d crawl underneath, grasp his ankles, and push his feet up and down on the pedals. Yikes. 

This next short story is told from the first-person point-of-view, but it is not the writer (me) who this happened too. I'm only telling you because various people (my fans—the tiny amount I have anyway) know I typically and continuously become involved with many of my true tales of horror stories. So, I am taking the liberty of letting you know that this is not the case. And it is not the case with any of these narratives herein this work of short stories. I feel like the writer (your author) that it is my sole duty to acknowledge this too you. I want to be completely and utterly candid with all the stories revealed to my readers. It's essential to me. 

There is nothing more detrimental to me than having found out that your favorite author, littered you with total bullshit. This is not the case with me. Not that I've mentioned this, and it is out of the way, let us further continue with this next story...

The Concealed Patient:

The ambulance company that I used to work for had a “haunted” ambulance: rig 12. A lot of EMTs had stories about it, but I never put much stock in paranormal stuff. That is until I had my own experience with rig 12. 

My partner and I were working in a rural community at three a.m, (this time frame usually signifies paranormal activity) and it was pitch-dark and completely quiet. We were both dozing; I was in the driver’s seat, and she was in the passenger seat. I woke up to a muffled voice, and I thought my partner was talking. I told her I was attempting to sleep and closed my eyes. I distinctly heard a male voice say, “Oh my God, am I dying?” accompanied by a few trices of oppressive breathing. My partner and I sat upright and glanced behind into the patient compartment, where it seemed like the voice had originated from. 

Things were calm and quiet for a couple of moments; then we detected the click of an oxygen-bottle regulator, and a hiss as if it was leaking. I switched on the lights, and we ran out of the rig. I thought a transient might have climbed in while we were asleep, so we opened the rear doors. No one was there. I investigated the oxygen bottles; neither was opened. All I can say is we certainly didn’t sleep much after that. 

These stories were told by others involved with the paranormal. We will be posting the other half (Part 2) of these stories in our next posting. We also will be posting (Part 2) of our past posting. So, please continue to read and enjoy these stories. Thank you, and I look forward to revealing the 2nd half of these postings.