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Things everyone must know about Tea

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Tea has been around us since 3rd century AD or even earlier, however it was not until the 16th century that the Portuguese merchants reintroduced this native Asian beverage to the rest of the world. And since then tea has become an indispensable item on our grocery list.

Black tea is the most popular and common type of tea followed by green tea and white tea, But wait; what's the difference?

Well its quite a surprise that 3 of these types have very different things to offer to their consumers even when they are extracted from the same tea plant aka Camellia sinensis and this difference is based on their processing method and age of the leaves they are made from.

Black tea, which I'm sure you've had at least once this week is made from older, more mature leaves of the tea plant. Once plucked and dried these leaves are completely fermented giving it a strong flavor and a good amount of caffeine.

Green tea which is known to aid weight loss is made by partially fermenting the tender new leaves (usually the first 2 or 3 leaves). And since these leaves are younger and only partially fermented they contain a high amount of antioxidants along with less amount of caffeine making it overall a healthier alternative of black tea.

White tea is made from the newly formed buds of leaves which are only available in early spring. Now this explains why white tea is such a rare and expensive delicacy among teas. Since these buds are not fermented at all, white tea is packed with the highest amount of antioxidants, the least amount of caffeine, and tons of health benefits.

But the next and more important question is, 'Which one of them is best for you to consume?'

 Many people recommend white tea, but believe me when I say it's totally dependent on your needs and wants. If you are pulling an all-nighter then black tea may help you stay alert but if you just focused on your overall health then there is nothing better than white tea. Usually, people prefer drinking certain types of tea randomly but as I said earlier, It depends on your needs.

Thank you for reading this article and Congratulations on knowing more about teas than 95% of the people.........LOL, I'm just making stuff.