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Things To Do During Quarantine 😷

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I know it is really difficult to be caged at home but it's very important to remember that we all are quarantined for our besty only because we really means alot to our loved ones. So, if you love yourself and your family, kindly stay at your home to stay prevented from the pandemic.


1) You can learn or improve your any skill that you were wanted to be improved since very long time for example: you can learn how to play guitar or you can improve your dancing skills etc.

2) Spend time with your family and you can play indoor games with them.

3) You can watch movies or dramas with your family members.

4) In your boaring time you yourself can decorate your room or house with DIYs.

5) You can create handcrafts in your free time.

6) Never forget to do physical exercises or yoga asanas because staying fit is also very important.

Stay safe from Corona....😇