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This dog who helps kindergartners cross the street is the hero we don't deserve

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When I was a kid growing up in a rural community, we had a nearly constant cycle of neighborhood dogs to walk us to the bus stop. The most memorable was a wolfish-looking dog we called Bandit. She (yes she) would clear the way for us to safely walk, including ridding the neighborhood of coyotes and javelina. She would stand in the road to stop cars that whizzed down our street, and fearlessly challenge anyone who dared to mess with us kids. So I got a blast from the bast when I came across this video of a dog in Georgia who every day protects a class of kindergartners crossing the street.

See the video here:

The original Reddit post from user knownothingwiseguy reads: "In Georgia, there's a stray dog who has made it his job to protect this kindergarten class so they can cross the street safely. He shows up every single day, even barking at cars that don't stop."

In the video, said dog trots along the crosswalk ahead of the children, barking at vehicles that don't stop, or who inch toward the kids while they cross. The dog circles around, crossing again and again, defending the space around the crosswalk without any regard to their own safety. Users commenting expressed concern for the dog's safety. "I'm afraid some f***ing idiot might hit the dog," wrote user AlucardVal, "So maybe [it's] time for his retirement." Others suggested letting the class adopt the dog, or offered to adopt the dog themselves.

What a good boi! We don't deserve dogs.