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This Ireland Pub Has Been Serving People For 1100 Years!

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We don’t know much about the 900 AD, but what we do know is that the people who lived during that time, enjoyed clubbing as much as we do. Can you imagine a bar that was opened over 1100 years ago? What was it like back then? Chamber pots in the corner? Signs outside asking patrons to check their swords? Well, as crazy as it may sound, but one of the oldest-serving pubs in history does date back to 900 AD. Sean’s Bar even has a Guinness Record certification to prove its credibility.

The history of Sean’s Bar was first confirmed during a 1970 archaeological examination where wattle and wicker were found in the walls of the bar. Subsequently, antique coins were also discovered in the building and were transferred to the National Museum of Ireland. Seans’s Bar is located in the small town of Athlone, The town, which serves about 20,000 people in almost the dead-centre of Ireland, is ancient, so it’s no wonder it hosts a bar as old as this. Today the pub greets visitors and locals with a pint and live music. Some of the artefacts found in the place—along with their certificate from Guinness legitimizing their story—is found hanging on the wall with scores of other bric-a-brac. 

Sean's is packed with amazing great character and an international clientele frequently visit the bar to jam on the best of traditional Irish music and songs or to just relax in the beer garden that is located adjacent the Ford of Luain. Recently Sean's Bar has become famous for its selling and developing its own, exclusive whiskey