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This Lisa Frank Inspired Flat is Nostalgia Packed

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  • tag_facesReaction announced the arrival of a "Lisa Frank flat" for rent, and it is an explosion of colors, patterns, and animal prints galore. "This spacious Barsala penthouse will have you feeling like you've been transported directly into a scene from one of Lisa Frank's iconic notebooks from you childhood," Hotels writes on their website, and they advertise countless opportunities for "Instagramable moments" within the rooms.

Lisa Frank flat bedroom ( source: )

Lisa Frank flat bedroom

The room features a technicolor rainbow window display, a huge Lisa Frank wall mural, and a light-up canopy bed. Booking opens up on the website on Friday, October 11 and is assured to sell out "faster than you can say 'as if.'" Unfortunately, I was unable to find out the location of this flat, although one commenter says it's located in downtown Los Angeles, but I don't doubt that special trips will be planned just to stay in this 90s heaven.

Lisa Frank flat bathroom ( source: )

Lisa Frank flat bathroom

You can check out more pictures of the room and, later on, find booking information here:

Lisa Frank flat living room ( source: )

Lisa Frank flat living room