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This Missing Daughter Reunited With Her Mother After 20 Years

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Crystal Haag went missing from her Baltimore, Maryland home on 26th May 1997. Her mother Cynthia Haag remained in her Baltimore house for 14 more years expecting that her daughter would return to her one day. Crystal went missing under mysterious circumstances. But several years later a discovery happened that will leave you in shock.

Cynthia was working at a store on the day Crystal went missing. Earlier in the morning, Crystal had dropped by to buy cereal and milk before going home. This was not unusual at all and actually happened fairly often. Cynthia told her daughter to stay in the house that day because there were some errands she wanted her to run. In response, Crystal reassured that she would do as her mother asked her. The hardworking mother had no idea that it was going to be the last time she laid eyes on her teenage daughter.

When Cynthia returned home that night, Crystal was nowhere to be found. She got in touch with her neighbours and Crystal friends but no one knew anything about her. The police were; hence, informed a missing person report was filed.

The search operation continued through several years until 2010 when the search was eventually exhausted. But then, on a fine day, Cynthia was approached by her long lost daughter on Facebook. Cynthia got in touch with Crystal, and her oldest daughter Bianca drove her to see her sister in her new New York residence

Crystal, who was now 40, revealed that she had run away from home because of her mothers’ pressing demands. She had joined a Dominican community and her faked her identity with bogus driving licences. Crystal had started life afresh after leaving Baltimore and she now had 4 kids. Nevertheless, in the end, the family reunited, forgiveness was sought and hearts were reconciled.