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This PayPal Service Is Helping People Save Hundreds Of Dollars

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PayPal really has come in as a blessing for all of us, and now its other official services are also making our lives easy. Aimed at promoting financial health, some services are aimed primarily at money-saving. And topping the list, in this case, is Honey, a simple browser extension used by millions.

Honey is a completely free-to-use tool that supports your online shopping endeavors as a true companion. If you have the honey extension, you’ll get access to the best promo codes available online and these codes will be automatically applied to your cart before you checkout from the e-store. The promo codes offer discounts, exciting deals, and much more!

All you need to do to get Honey is to go to the Extension store and add in Honey as a free extension. The Honey extension is available on versatile browsers like Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. The next time when you're shopping online, just click on the Honey extension titled ‘h’ and the service will apply whopping promo code to your purchase and the price will be dropped instantly.

The savings are real, this is no gimmicking business trick. It has been long noted that Honey users save an average of $126 every year and score about 18% off purchases. Honey does not even differentiate in the kinds of purchases that you make, whether you’re buying the latest iPhone, kitchen gadgets, or just ordering pizza for dinner, there are discounts for everything.