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This Robot Was Employed To Clean School Using UV Light For Safe School Year

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In light of the pandemic, many teaching staff members have been scrambling to find ways to make their school as safe a possible for returning students. One school, Three Towers Alternative Provision Academy in Manchester, decided to employ a self-cleaning Sterilight Robot to do the heavy cleaning. 

Created by the company Apollo Healthcare Technologies Ltd., it was reported that the invention had already been used by hospitals and airports — and now a school. The technology autonomously breaks down the actual structure of the virus using a UV-C ray.

The Sterilight Robot is able to follow a customizable route and speed, diminishing 99.9 percent of bacteria in a classroom in 10-15 minutes. 

It is a groundbreaking invention, designed to sterilize spots that even humans can miss when hand cleaning. “Everything the light touches is sterilized," said the co-inventor Gary Oualnan in an interview.