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This Switzerland Town Just Experienced A Chocolate Snowfall

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2020 has been a dreadful year in many aspects, and a chocolate rain is just what was needed to compensate for its horrid events. Switzerland, which’s known to be the global heart of chocolate, has witnessed a shower unprecedented in history. In the Swiss town of Olten, a ventilation defect at a Lindt and Sprüngli triggered precipitation of Chocolate powder, and it almost felt as if there was a chocolate snowfall in the area.

The minor defect was confirmed by the manufactures, although they stated that the shower was ‘harmless to both people and the environment’. The cooling ventilation for a line of roasted cocoa nibs (crushed cocoa beans that are then made into chocolate) was broken down, and this splurged the shavings across the Olten, a small town between Zurich and Basel. Strong gusts of wind then picked up the chocolate powder, leaving a dusting of cocoa over the area surrounding the factory.

Lindt and Sprüngli have offered to pay the clean-up costs, although as one can imagine, no one has yet come forward to take up the offer. The ventilation system has also been repaired and the production of chocolates at the respective factories has resumed as normal.

Olten residents, however, are quite happy about the mishap. One Swiss citizen posted to Twitter It finally happened guys!! 2020 screwed up just enough that it finally did something right. Specks of the dust of chocolate were reportedly observed on roofs, cars, and on the road.