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This Viral Video Of A Lightning Strike At The Statue of Liberty Is Truly Amazing

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Thunderstorms have electrified the aura in New York with a series of glitzy and flashy lightning strikes. Last Wednesday, in particular, the gleaming purple lightning strikes had concocted an exclusive spectacle. And while the bolts were raging across the sky of the entire New York state, the iconic monument- The Statue of Liberty- fell right under the epicentre of the storm. Like all New Yorkers, Twitter user Mikey Cee was also observing the natural show of lights in New York, and it was then that an unusually eerie moment left him amused. Mikey caught a dramatic video of a giant purple flash striking directly behind the Statue of Liberty. And the video has now gone viral all over the internet.

“The best video I ever captured,” Mikey captioned the 20-second video that he posted to Twitter. In the video, the intense gales and striking thunderclaps can be distinctly heard and ominous visual is crafted by the low dark clouds which appear to kiss Lady Liberty’s torch. In a sudden, a giant purple bolt appears, and it goes straight for the statute, landing directly behind it. The lightning lasts for s couple of seconds. Mikey had filmed the fantastical moment while he was in a dock in Ellis Island.

The internet is currently raving over Mikey’s video. The perfect angle of the shock makes it seem as if the lightning electrocuted the Statue of Liberty. The aesthetic video has prompted others to share their own clicks of the thunderstorm on the internet as well.