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This White Woman Refused To Take Service From A Latinx Hairdresser. Now She Is Viral On The Internet

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We all know that disputes spark in every corner of the world when racial discrimination surfaces in the surroundings. One such story is getting hype on social media platforms when Hairstylist Sharon Spellman posted her encounter with a customer on TikTok. Sharon Spellman 25 is a Los Angeles based hairstylist. She recently posted a TikTok video displaying her scorching argument with one hostile client.  

This viral footage gained more than 25 million views and 40,000 comments in support of Spellman and Alex.

It is, in fact, an incident showcasing Sharon’s client refusing to accept Spellman's assistant Alex’s services just because Alex is Latina.

The hairstylist took to Instagram (to address her disappointment) live in a video and describes the behavior of her customer. Primarily the stylist requests her client to speak respectfully, in response the client squabbled.

It took minutes for Spellman to ask (what she called) her "racist" client to leave the premises promptly.
As a matter of fact, Spellman’s salon’s security cameras captured the video clip. The what we say White customer "Robin," refused a root touch-up service from stylist’s assistant, Alex.

The stylist insisted on reconsideration and said, "She's my assistant.” However, Robin replied, "I don't care. I want you to do my hair and I'm not gonna tell you again."

According to Sharon, Robin’s refusal for the assistant’s services is a racial act as Alex is Latina. She then reported, "My racist client tried to hit me. Robin is the new Karen,"