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TikTok Has Now Beat Instagram For Second Favorite Teen Social App In The US

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Instagram has been a long-standing favorite social media app amongst teens until now. The video app TikTok has snatched that title, coming only second to Snapchat. A report by CNBC found that there is only a 5% discrepancy between teens who favor Snapchat over TikTok.

While Instagram came in 3rd with only 25% of teens listing it as their favorite app, it actually has the highest percentage of engagement. TikTok only has 69% engagement, 80% for Snapchat, and 84% for instagram. 

Originally owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, President Donald Trump gave his "blessings" las month for the company to be acquired by Oracle and Walmart, creating a company titled TikTok Global for usage of the app within the United States. 

Source: CNBC