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TikTok Star Danielle Cohn Put on Blast for Ripping off Ashanti Song

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One little word was missing from TikToker Danielle Cohn's description, and it caused a world of humiliation from fans online. The video, posted this past weekend, shows Cohn dancing to what has been confirmed as an early 2000s hit by Ashanti, entitled 'Foolish.'

Unfortunately, Danielle did not identify the song as a cover of the Ashanti original. Fans immediately chastised her, claiming that she intentionally tried to claim the song as her own by not attributing it correctly. The video description has since been updated identifying it as a cover, but the backlash has not yet subsided.

"She is a teenager. ... She made a mistake on a TikTok," said Cohn's mother and manager, Jen Archambault, I think this is out of hand."

Archambault claimed that they received permission and a license to make the official cover, but this has not been confirmed by Ashanti or any associates. As it stands, the cover is not labeled on such on streaming platforms, such as Spotify.