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TikTok Teens Find Body In Suitcase While Using Randonautica App

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While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to confine most adults to their homes, TikTok teens remain on a lookout for inventive opportunities to make the most out of their quaran-time. In recent days, to quench their thirst for thrill, teenagers have turned to Randonautica, a quest-based mobile app which allows its users to set forth on an adventure by generating a random location for them to explore.

New App Randonautica Generates Random Locations Using Geographical Coordinates For Users To Explore

Randonautica offered an exhausted locked-down audience exciting escapades. When teenagers found out about the app, they set off on randonauting expeditions; filming and posting their adventures on social media as they went along.

Documentation of randonauting ventures on platforms like TikTok gave the app an exponential surge in fame. #Raundonautica and #randonauting tags ran afloat on TikTok and Twitter, prompting more and more youngsters to trek out of their homes. The leap to popularity of Randonautica continued for a while, and for positive reasons, until one day, the app gave a group of venturesome adolescents the biggest shock of their life.

Randonautica Sends Teens To  A Remote Beach Where They Make A Shocking Discovery

Recently, a video has hit TikTok and YouTube, capturing the attention of many. A group of friends in Washington had used Raundonautica to obtain a random destination for their excursion. The app sent the teenagers to an abandoned beach in West Seattle, where the teens made a shocking discovery.

While they were exploring their randomized port of call, the group teenagers encountered a black suitcase that was washed up on rocks by the beach. The bag reeked of decayed organic matter, which alarmed the internet daredevils. At first, the green wanderers assumed that the bag may contain rotten food. But as they unzipped the bag and poked it open with a stick, its contents’ foul smell intensified, indicating that there was something sinister going on.

Without much ado, the concerned teenagers called 911. As the police arrived, they investigated the bag and scanned nearby areas to check for any sort of foul-play. And to the horror of the juvenile adventurers, the police concluded that the suitcase carried a trash-bag full of human remains. In fact, it was not even all, as they searched further, the police discovered that a few more remnant-carrying bags had also been dumped into nearby waters.

What Randonautica Creator Joshua Lengfelder Had To Say About The Issue

Joshua Lengfelder, the man who designed the Randonautica app, said that he was ‘shocked’ by the discovery. He added that he had reached out to the traumatized teenagers to ensure that they were doing ok. Lengfelder insists that the incident was an unfortunate coincidence, and Randonautica had never insisted on sending youngsters to a crime scene.