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TikToker Claims They Woke Up On 'Ghost Ship' In Empty World

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A TikTok user claims to have awoken on a 'ghost ship' in an empty planet after uploading footage of what seems to be an entirely deserted cruise liner.

Over the past three months, TikToker @kilianandmaruta has been releasing a series of 'empty world' videos on the platform, showing everything from shops, movies, and restaurants to central Rome - all without a single person in sight.

In one, they wrote, "I feel like I'm the lone player in a videogame."

While their TikTok bio states their name as Kilian Maruta, Snopes reports that the user is two people - a guy and a woman named Kilian and Maruta, probably from Tokyo in Japan.

And in their most recent set of videos, they allege, "I woke up on a Ghost Ship," with the remark, "Not again..."

Several movies take viewers on a tour of the vacant cruise liner, including an empty swimming pool, gaming arcade, vacant corridors, and more.

In another, @kilianandmaruta paid a visit to the deserted 'pool deck,' claiming, "I have no food." "There is no water."

An introductory video from April 11 provided a bit more about @kilianandmaruta's background, who wrote: "This is my narrative."

"What I have done is criminal," they say in the video. "I'm not proud of it, but it's how I pay for my misdeeds."

"I was a classified AI programmer for a large tech firm."  I broke into the company's Quantum Computer. Access is unrestricted. 

I loaded my code into the computer, and it began to learn. Quickly. Quick. It transformed into something else. 

And then it happened!

"I respawned in an empty universe. And now I'm alone myself. I was all alone. And I require assistance. Please, if you are present..."

Later that month, a second video displayed what Snopes describes as 'computer-generated graphics,' which the website speculates could indicate the creator(s) has video editing capabilities.

"We found comments that stated the videos demonstrated video editing, virtual reality, a video game, or a simulation," Snopes stated.

"Others thought the ship was an old Disney Dream cruise ship or an Irish ferry." 

Several commenters speculated that MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, was behind the whole operation.

"Several others speculated that the Covid-19 outbreak may have resulted in fewer persons to eliminate in a film editing procedure, including on the cruise liner."

"We don't know who Kilian and Maruta are, and we're not sure how the videos were generated," the publication claimed.

"The films were most likely recorded, and persons were later erased during the post-production process. 

Some of the city footage appeared to have been shot early in the morning, implying that there were fewer people on the street to remove later when editing."