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Times Square Protesters Shaken as Car Drives Through Crowd

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As approximately 350 people gathered in Times Square, New York City to honor Daniel Prude, who was suffocated as Rochester police restrained him, a shocking and sudden turn of events turned a peaceful protest into a downright dangerous encounter.

A black 4-door sedan, not content to go around the protest, made a point of driving through the crowd, hitting several protesters and making a quick getaway. Footage from the scene shows the vehicle hesitating, then rocketing forward several feet before taking off once the way was clear. Several people chased the car on foot.

No injuries were reported to NYPD, who is currently conducting an investigation. Councilman Keith Powers had this to say:

"My office is looking into tonight’s incident in Times Square. Hoping everyone is safe. Using a vehicle to hurt peaceful protestors is unacceptable and must be stopped."

Check out the video from Twitter user @Datainput: