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Tips for flatlays to enhance your social feed

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Flatlays are very trending way to enhance your social media feed. You can showcase your favourite item in your flatlays or you can even portray your current mood through it. 

Some amazing ideas to take flatlays are:

  • Showcase your favorite gadgets

If you want to show your favourite gadget to your audience, you can do it by flatlays. Keep the gadget at the center and surround it with other small items. This will fill your shot with details without losing the focus on your gadget. You can set the theme of cool tones in your flatlays.

  • Go for the delicious looking snacks

If you love cooking you can share your delicious looking snacks or dishes through flatlays. Decoration is essential when you are going for the snack shot. Make them tempting and look for the angles with no harsh shades. You can go with the slices of lemon or oranges for decoration if you used them as an ingredient. You can also keep stylish forks and printed straws to make the flatlaw more attractive. 

  • Set mood for vacation

Happy vacations are always a mood. If you want to set a relaxing summer vibes through your flatlays, you can include your travel essential in the shot. You can include travel bag and keep your dslr, clothes, sunglasses, traveling diary, etc. You can also add a tropical vibe with green leaf in your flatlays. You can also go for the trendy bikini flatlay if you want to portray beach vibes in the hot summer.