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Tips to Make Customer Interaction Fabulous

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Your customers buy your products with some expectations and if you fail to meet them, they will leave you and turn to your competitors. In a cutthroat completion, you need to constantly slog out to provide your customer with the best experience.

You know that it does not end with the closing of the sale: it is rather an ongoing process. You have to improve on and on to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. Customer interaction is nothing but how they communicate with your business.

It is not the conversation you make on the phone call, but it is much more than that. Interaction starts as soon as your customer becomes aware of your business or your products and services.

• Customer interaction can take place in marketing (when they find an advertisement of your product on billboards and social media platforms or in your store),

• Sales (when you orient them about the features and benefits of your products on the phone call or in person),

• And customer service (when you get feedback through text message or email from them about your products).

There are multiple stages of interaction and you have to make it successful at every stage.

How you can make customer interaction fabulous

Here are some tips to make it possible:

• Show gratitude

Humility and civility are two things that you must need while interacting with your customers. Treat them as you want to be treated. A thankful gesture should always be there and it must reflect in your tone when you are talking to them on the phone – after all, they have chosen you over your competitors.

Even if they are complaining you about your products and services, you should thank them for being honest and giving you feedback. They can decide of leaving you forever for your competitors, but they did do it.

They rather got back to you in the hope that you would resolve their issue. This is why it is essential to show gratitude towards them. Your customers can be rude when they do not get what they expected, but you do not need to lose your rag.

You should handle them calmly. The best way to mollify them is to be apologetic immediately. This will make your churlish customers believe that you understand their concerns and admit your flaws. This will immediately let up their anger.

• Be responsible

You cannot wash your hands of resolving the complaints of your customers just because it is taking a long time. Customers have paid you for using their products and services and if they have any complained about their use, you should try to resolve them as soon as is conveniently possible for you.

If you cannot resolve the issue at once, you should explain to them why it is taking too much time and give them an exact timeframe so they do not have to wait with bated breath. Make sure that you successful resolve their complaints within that timeframe.

Once you have done it, you should call them back after a couple of days to ensure that they are not facing the same issue. If you have been receiving complaints about the same product, you should reach out to your seniors and work out proactively.

In this situation, your product has a default and you must try to rectify it as soon as possible. Otherwise, this will leave your customer unsatisfied.

• Offer convenience to your customers

The most annoying experience that customers experience at the time of complaining about a product or service is companies do not approach them where they are. For instance, if a customer has dropped you an email explaining the issue in detail, the company replies back with a number to file a complaint.

This is the weirdest thing that you do to ruin your relationship with your customers. Bear in mind that your duty is not over as soon as you have sold your product. You need to be in touch with your customers even after that.

Customers expect from you to make it painless and easier. This is why you should try to use the same communication mode that your customers are using. If they have reached out to you through an email, you should try to reply them back over there.

Your purpose should be providing as much comfort to your customers and therefore strive to respond to the request on the same platform. However, sometimes you have to discuss more things and that may be possible on the phone, for example.

Drop them an email and tell them you would call them to get some details or whatever and make sure that you do it as soon as possible. This is not good to make your customers wait for a long time


The bottom line

To grow your business, you will have to make customer experience awesome and that could be possible if you interact them professionally yet like a human being. Make sure that your customer support team is interacting with customers well and handling issues efficiently.

You can invest in software that tracks how your staff are communicating with customers. Are they sympathetic or do they sound like a robot? Such software solutions can orient them how well they can interact with their customers.

In case you do not have money to invest in such software solutions, you can take out bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker( Though software investment can seem expensive, they will benefit you in the long run.