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Today's Wordle Word Hints Of The Day: #336

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It's time for Wordle Hints here on Saturday May 21, 2022 (plus an answer to today’s word of the Day). We don't have to complain about getting to the weekend , or about finding another Wordle while we are here. It adds a sense of continuity as we rest and prepare for the next week of work. Sometimes all you need is something to mark the days as you work on a big project. Sometimes it feels that way, at least here. This is why Wordles are so helpful. Wow, that was quite a number of Ws! Let's get to the hints, and answers for Wordle #36!

First, we will give some tips before giving the answer. Scroll down to the end of the article if you want only the answer. It is located in bold text just below the "SPOILER AWARNING" section. This section also includes some quick hints (whether it is a noun/a verb, a very broad range of what it could possibly be, etc.). These are followed by more specific clues. These clues should be enough to tell you what the word means.

Today's Wordle Word Hints Of The Day: #336

We try to keep this section vague and direct you in the correct direction. At this stage, the focus will be on the meaning of a word rather than specific letters. Other methods, such as "rhymes" or "sounds similar," will not be used. After that are more details. Finally, the solution is provided after a wordle today spoiler. We thought we'd remind you once again!

These are some easy tips

These tips will guide you in the right direction, but not too much.

  1. Can be used as either a noun and/or a verb.
  2. Usually means something made of metal.

These two tips are just a few of the many options that you have. We'll be trying to reduce the options in the next section.

More specific Hints

These hints are still valid and you can keep your streak. Let's be more specific.

  1. People own "yards" that are full of the stuff.
  2. If you were unable to drive a car, you might "___" it.

Are you still stuck? Do you still have a blank?