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Tom Brady Has Left the Patriots and New England is Raging

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In one of the first, big non-corornavirus-related news breaks, Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots. Although it comes as a huge dig to Patriots and Tom Brady fans, it's not a complete shock as he was fairly candid in the drafting process that he was potentially looking to move to another team. But that still didn't lessen the blow for a lot of New England.

New Englanders were especially shocked when finding out that the team he left the Patriots for was the Buccaneers. A somewhat surprising move, as the Bucs don't nearly have the track record of wins as the Patriots do, but good old Brady needed a raise.

I am not a Patriots fan, and I am definitely not a Tom Brady fan, as I have always found him to be a little bit of an arrogant man. And this move to the Bucs only increases that belief. I understand this is his career, but when you've spent 20 years with a team, I imagine they become more like a family. This move to the Bucs just seems like the move a money-grubbing traitor, but admittedly, I'm biased, and I would've preferred if he just retired instead so I can stop hearing about him.

My biggest curiosity now is seeing who the true Patriots fans are, and if any of them will follow their G.O.A.T. to his new team, cementing that they were only band wagon fans for the one player.

Image from Stephane Coudassot-Berducou on Unsplash.