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Tom Brady Rents Derek Jeter's Florida Mansion. Says Too Small?

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Here are some interesting realities regarding Tom Brady's feeling about Renting Derek Jeter's Florida Mansion:

The career move from the Patriots to the Buccaneers, Tom Brady has carried his family from Boston to Tampa Bay. 

While residing in Tampa Florida, the Brady’s will be renting a mansion owned by former New York Yankee shortstop, current owner, and CEO of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter.

Even though Jeter made over $350 million during his baseball career, and probably much more in his business endeavor:

New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, ranks as one of the highest-earning players in Major League Baseball history. Jeter, 45, retired in 2014 with more than $366 million in career earnings from his baseball salary alone. And now it might not be enough to keep Brady happy:

The house is supposedly far too small for his family to reside in. Um, give me a freakin break. Ya, I completely understand, along with the rest of the world, that it's way too small. However, what I really think is that Brady is whacked in the head if this is all true. Lol. 

In his SiriusXM interview with Howard Stern, Brady joked about the wireless service in Jeter’s humble abode, saying that he’s “got to upgrade the system here.”

Brady’s been known to make FaceTime calls with past and present coaches and teammates, as seen by his conversations with Mike Vrabel, just a month ago. Let us not forget talks with Rob Gronkowski and Josh McDaniels in “Tom vs. Time.” Not to mention the innumerable hours he will spend watching film. So, it will be imperative that he gets everything upgraded in the mansion to meet his standards. Maybe, he will even get the robot butler from Rocky IV.

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