Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is The Best Show You Probably Skipped

Manchester, NH Manchester

No one expected that goofy guy from the American version of The Office to get hot and start doing serious parts, but after writing and directing A Quiet Place, as well as starring in it, John Krasinski began starring in the Amazon Prime adaptation of John Clancy's Jack Ryan.

And it's actually pretty awesome.

It uses real-world issues as well as relatable fiction to tell a story of modern cultural fears without the story being a-political or painting the bad buys as one-dimensional villains. They have motives, and personalities, and often you find you can empathize and sympathize with them without losing sight of the over-arcing conflict.

I realize that I'm tardy to the party on this show, but it's definitely worth a watch.

 ( source: IMDb )



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