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Top 10 Cars for the Snow

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Driving when there is snow everywhere is undoubted, a tough and risky job, you have been very careful while driving. But Auto companies are always ready with solutions and there are some cars which are meant to be good during the snow. Check out some of the outstanding cars which are said to best when you are driving in snow.

1 - Audi A4 3.2 Quattro

Audi endeavors to improve its prior efforts with an efficient A4. They are successful in their efforts. To have more enjoyment with a German car in the snow is to heave winter tires. The serious fan may take concern with the steering, which experiences formlessness when hard-pressed on dry roads. However, as a winter car, the A4 always appears calm and predictable.

2 - Subaru Outback

Interest dedicated to the more SUV-minded, forgotten Subaru. Too bad, because it's one of the best winter cars -- always. For sensible, drift-less driving, the Outback is the Subie to consider

3 - Volvo XC70

You might be amazed to find out the XC70 is the authentic winter car champion. Good for the driver who needs a winter car with regular features like front and rear skid plates and hill-descent control.

4 - BMW 535xi Sports Wagon

One look at the X6 is all the support you require. The 535xi does have amazingly decent responsiveness. the drivers who need a winter car that'll pacify his exciting abilities until spring, this is BMW's decisive winter-driving machine.

5 - Saab Turbo X

The limited-run Turbo X signifies a strong first, with the fun points as standard equipment. The whole winter car potential thing now comes as expected. You might reflect on storing the regular performance tires in the errand of a more season-appropriate set.

6 - Subaru WRX

New Subie is an enjoyment. Subie drive packages never give the impression to miss a beat, and the ride has refrained for more excitement. And if you drive on frost-heaved expansion joint roads, you definitely will appreciate this.

7 - Ford Flex

Ford Flex is a funky wagon. Not since the potential original Scion xB have those two words that adequately described a vehicle. And while the xB got soft and soulless, the larger-yet-tidy Flex is a convincing attempt for Ford -- plus all-wheel drive is on hand.

8 - Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC

It turns out to be a dark horse of a winter car by selecting the all-wheel-drive prospects. The system behaves efficiently and without drama. And that's not so easy when road conditions get worse.

9 - MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper makes an impression, not only with all-wheel drive but driving with front-wheel drive with the support of lightweight and electronic aids. Away from the mandatory antilock brakes, the most supportive include All-Season Traction Control (ASTC), Cornering Brake Control (CBC) and Dynamic Stability Control. Drivers can have fun with MINI Cooper.

10 - Suzuki SX4 Crossover

This model of the SX4 line is an inexpensive way to get a new car with a three-mode all-wheel drive. One can be entirely fine with the lesser stance and taller cabin of this winter vehicle.