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10. Will Smith's Net value: $350 million

Will Smith's total compensation for his Men's Black 3 success was around $100 million out of his $624 million income. 

9. Keanu Reeves Net worth: $350 million 

Keanu Reeves has demonstrated his talent in a variety of movies and shows such as Bill and Ted Franchise, Point Break, John Wick Franchise, The Devil's Advocate, The Matrix. 

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger Net worth: $400 million

Brought to fame by one of the most famous movies of the '80s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, nicknamed "The Terminator," has a massive legacy for his successors. 

7. Sylvester Stallone Net Value: $400 Million

The Rocky Series was a highly lucrative franchise where Sylvester Stallone played an underdog warrior who paved his way to conquer the heavyweight title. 

6. Jack Nicholson Net's worth: $400 Million

"The Shinning" star amazed viewers with his acting talents in various movies, and it's no wonder he's ranked so high on Hollywood's Richest Actors list. 

5. George Clooney Net worth $500 million

George Clooney, a heart-throb for people of all ages, is not just a pretty face! According to his friends, he is incredibly hard-working and unbelievable. 

4. Mel Gibson Net: $425 million

Mel Gibson is a New York-based film director, producer, and actor, and is best known for his roles in We Were Soldiers and Braveheart.  

3. Tom Cruise Net worth: $570 Million

The 3-time Golden Globe Award Winner has enough money to support many generations after him! 

2. Shah Rukh Khan Net: $600 Million

He is one of the biggest Bollywood stars in the world, and his total annual income is about $45 million. 

1. Jerry Seinfeld Net's worth: $750 million

You wouldn't have known that, right? 

The founder of the popular sitcom – Seinfeld wouldn't seem to be such an industrial guy.

But almost all of Jerry Seinfeld's efforts have been fairly successful.

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