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1. T-Series: 136 million subscribers

Coming in hot as the most subscribed YouTube channel is T-Series, India’s largest music label and movie studio. Their official slogan is: “Music can change the world,” and they have the belief that they’re bringing the world closer together through music.

2. PewDiePie: 104 million subscribers

Sitting pretty at number two is PewDiePie. The channel is run by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and is best known for the “Let’s Play” gaming videos and blogs. During his early YouTube career, his commentaries of horror games were his best-known content before expanding to other video genres, such as vlogs and comedy shorts. His content is certainly not for the faint of heart as it’s often filled with profanity.

3. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes: 78 million subscribers

From the controversial to the tame, the third most subscribed YouTube channel goes to Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes. Founded in 2005, this YouTube account creates content for children with the goal of making learning a fun and enjoyable experience with 3D animation, education lyrics, and catchy music.

4. SET India: 69 million subscribers

Standing for Sony Entertainment Television, SET India is number four on the list of most-subscribed YouTube channels. This Hindi-language channel mainly consists of full episodes of television shows, teaser trailers, and clips of various episodes.

5. 5-Minute Crafts: 66 million subscribers

For all of the hacks you’ll ever need, plus DIY projects and crafts, check out number five on the list: 5-Minute Crafts.

6. WWE: 58 million subscribers

If you’re ready for a smackdown then you'll love that the sixth most-subscribed to YouTube channel is the WWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

7. Canal KondZilla: 57 million subscribers

Going back to music, at number six we have Canal KondZilla. This channel is run by Konrad Cunha Dantas, a Brazilian music producer who owns KondZilla Records. He’s also a writer and director of over 700 music videos.

8. Zee Music Company: 53.5 million subscribers

Coming in at number eight is more music. Zee Music Company is part of India’s leading television and entertainment companies, in addition to being amongst one of the largest producers of Hindi programming in the world.

9. Justin Bieber: 53.4 million subscribers

Whether you love him or you hate him, I’m here to tell you that Justin Bieber is the ninth most subscribed to YouTube channel.

10. Dude Perfect: 50.4 million subscribers

Calling themselves “5 Best Friends and a Panda,” the comedy sports group Dude Perfect rounds out the top ten of most-subscribed to YouTube channels.