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Top 20 songs that you must listen in your life

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1: Despacito

2: Stay 

3: Dead to me 

4: Everybody dies in their nightmare

5: Heat waves (female x male version) 

6: Royalty

7: Neverland 

8: Whopty 

9: Look at me 

10: Company 

11: Bad guy (remix) 

12: We don't talk anymore 

13: Shape of you 

14: Goodbye 

15: Sweet Scar 

16: Gandagana (remix)

17:Jalebi baby 

18:See me fall 

19:Arcade (loving you is a losing game)

20: Polozipine guitar slowed 


Check all of them out for once and rate my collection. Hope you liked it .


                                                                  Thank you!

                                                                 - Dondada