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Top 5 Nifty Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hacks That Will Make Your Island-Life Easy

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With 13.4 million people playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons worldwide, it won’t be amiss to say that the social simulation game has taken over the world at large. Everyone from Alexandria Oscario Cortez to Brie Larson has their hands on the hot, interface-driven quarantine’s game-of-choice, and there is an ever-surging competition to build a true escape out of the island gateway.

In its essence, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a relaxing excursion about building an island community from the ground up. But that doesn’t stop the game from being secretive about its mechanisms, unlockables, and potential tricks - this secrecy is a bonus feature for those who are looking for competitive gameplay rather than an unwinding get-away.

Here we have listed down the top 5 niftiest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hacks.

Get The Most Out Of Rocks

You are probably using a timer to get the most out of rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the method is quite inefficient since there are resources remaining in the rock even after the timer has elapsed. To guarantee that you get 9 resources every time you smash a rock, follow this simple trick:

Strategically dig 2-3 holes behind the rock to prevent recoil while digging. Leave the area around the rock open, and position yourself between the rock and the holes while you swiftly thrash the rock with a shovel. Once you have obtained all the resources from the rock with it still being rigid, you can give a final blow, break the rock and acquire a final resource. But before the ultimate strike, be sure to munch on an apple from a nearby tree.

The Best Trick To Kick Out Unwanted Villagers ASAP

Nintendo is more moral and mellow than most of its players when it comes to a sense of community. Although the stance is ethically valid, the absence of a straightforward way to kick out ugly villagers is often frustrating. But thanks to all the datamining, we have found a quicker way to get your island rid of unwanted inhabitants. Bewarned, it involves time travelling and trial and error.

 YouTuber TagBackTV has demonstrated an intelligent way to remove undesired villagers from your island. The heart of the trick is, of course, talking to people you want to stay while avoiding those you want to leave.

Begin by talking to all the villagers that you want to keep on your island, then time travel exactly a month into the future, and check if the villagers that you have been avoiding have a bubble above their heads. At times a bubble may appear above someone whom you want to keep, in such a case dissuade them, skip another day and repeat the process. Remember to ignore the Island uggos that you want to kick out at all times.

Never Leave Your Work Bench At Home

So you are arranging trees on some far-off part of your island and the tool you need for the job breaks, what to do you? Such precarious circumstances aren’t uncommon to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They are extremely vexing, but the good news is they are not unavoidable.

Just make sure you carry a simple DIY workbench at all times with you when you leave home to explore your island. So if your tool breaks during an operation, you can promptly fix it, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Fish As It Rains

You probably cannot tell if the big shadow you see in the water is something worth fishing for or if it is just a bass. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gallingly randomized its fish yield, but there are a few tricks that can get you your lucky catch.

If fish in the ocean when it rains, you will be at greater odds of encountering something rare. You can even come across the Coelacanth, the prehistoric fish that sells for a whopping 15,000 bells alone!

Get Extra Bells By Importing Foreign Trees

Your native island’s fruits aren’t usually worth anything more than a 100 bells, but if you can sell fruits from other islands, you’ll have a highly profitable trade.

The trick is simple when you are visiting another island, eat fruit from a tree there to gain strength. Next, dig up the tree using a shovel and carry it to your own island. Finally, plant the uprooted tree in your territory and make as much as 500 bells on the sale of each fruit.