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"Top Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Headlines"

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Welcome to Monday Evenings wrap-up of the weekend’s top cryptocurrency and blockchain headlines.

Let us make haste, and waste no time. Check it out:

Iran issues cryptocurrency mining licenses. According to a report from news.bitcoinm, the Iranian government has reportedly published, cryptocurrency mining licenses to businesses in the country, since it established regulating the industry, news.bitcoinm writes.

Iranian government reportedly granting bounties to those who rat out illegal Bitcoin mines:

Cryptocurrency mining in Iran is somewhat of a gray area. It is technically illegal, but only if you are unlicensed. It looked a lot like Iran was trying to regulate the industry into submission. However, with this news, that does not seem to be the case.

Central banks are working on digital currency:

A survey administered by the Bank for International Settlements BIS — a Swiss bank for central banks — found that a certain percent of central banks are doing some kind of work into CBDCs central bank digital currencies. 

Credit: BISCentral banks participating in the BIS’ survey:

The central banks surveyed also said they are likely to originate their first CBDCs in the next few years, with percent of banks progressing from conceptual research to experiments. Whether we need them or not, CBDCs are on their way.

Tokyo police arrest cryptocurrency thieves:

Police in Tokyo have reportedly arrested two men for allegedly embezzling millions of yen in California. USD $, The precise worth of Bitcoins BTC stolen from an account on a foreign cryptocurrency exchange, is still currently being investigated.

Also, Yuto Onitsuka, and Takuma Sasaki, were arrested on computer fraud charges, The Japan Times reports. The pair reportedly obtained unauthorized access to the CoinExchange account, of a Tokyo-based virtual currency management company — that Onitsuka used to work for — in late October. They then drained the account of its funds to their wallets.

Dubai launches Crypto Valley in a tax haven:

A branch of the Dubai government has signed an agreement with CV VC and CV Labs to launch the country’s own “Crypto Valley,” in a tax haven where there is no corporate or personal income tax, local news reports.

Announced at Davos last week, the Dubai crypto valley will get help from its Swiss-based twin to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses in the country. Think of it as a dedicated incubator for blockchain startups.

Courts grant OneCoin victims to serve Ruja Ignatova:

The New York Southern District Court has granted victims of the OneCoin scam to serve figurehead Ruja Ignatova by “alternative means.” In other words, plaintiffs can serve Ignatova a summons by mail, to a registered address, message on her social media, email, or other means of contact, Finance Feeds writes.

Ruja Ignatova has been on the lam since last year when it became widely perceived, that her “cryptocurrency” project was a scam, contained no blockchain technology, and had defrauded victims for billions of dollars. So far, she has not been served to appear in court, but with this news, victims are now able to pursue her however they see fit. Yikes.