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Toughest exams in the world which are almost impossible to crack

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Cracking any examination is a tough job. Specifically when it comes to competitive exams that happen to be all encompassing, the level of toughness definitely gets magnified several times. Here’s listing some of the toughest exams in the world that seriously need some kick ass intelligence for you to be able to crack them-

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam, UK

An examination that picks just two ‘winners’ from among a draw of 80 examinees undoubtedly will have it all to be the toughest exam in the world. And that’s where the All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam aces it with its intelligence quotient. A result so rewarding- a seven year, full salaried fellowship at the prestigious Oxford University, this particular exam surprisingly will not bombard you with questions that require answers an extensive Google search will provide for. Instead the trick here lies in delivering wittily to very abstract questions that make up this four papered exam.

The level of toughness that this particular examination delivers on altogether is so tricky a stance that only a twentieth of the Oxford graduates who take the test get to continue the process. With more than a century old legacy that spans its origins way back in 1878, the All Souls Exam has candidate writing four essays on two general and two specific topics with three hours allotted for each paper. Typically held in late September, the exam encompasses two days and requires a deft imagination as well as extensive factual knowledge to manifest their claim to what is easily among the world’s best academic distinctions.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the toughest exam in the world, the Chartered Financial Analyst is a professional certification rather than any examination that renders you eligible for some course. Offered by the prestigious CFA Institute, the examination is conducted in three stages with both multiple choice based and subjective questions to check the aptitude of candidates pertaining to the fields of finance and investment. With a pass percentage of less than 20% in spite of there being no age restriction whatsoever in taking the exam, the CFA sure can a hard nut to crack for even the brightest of analytic minds out there.