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T-Pain goes on a hilarious rant about Twitch streaming

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Everyone knows T-Pain from the hip hop and music industry but recently he's been dipping his toes into streaming on Twitch. In a recent stream, he complained (jokingly of course) about how difficult it is to grow his audience and how little followers he has. His viewers tried to placate him and push back against the notion, but he pointed out the comparison of viewers between himself and top streamers such as xQc and TimTheTatman and it's very true that his follower count doesn't come close to theirs.

T-Pain then went on a humorous rant about Twitch viewership. Although he was joking, the problems he mentions are very real for new streamers - especially small streamers just starting off who don't have an audience. Every year there are new content creators who make it big but for most it's a slow and grueling process to get people onto their streams. The best way is to find a niche that catches people's attention that they may not be able to find in other streamers.

If you are interested in becoming a Twitch streamer, these aren't bad words of wisdom. Although T-Pain does have an easier time gaining followers due to the fact he's already a celebrity, his words will ring true for anyone who has attempted or is attempting to become a streamer. You can listen to his tirade with the link here: