Trapped and Hungry!

Boston, MA Downtown Crossing

The other day I was returning from my lunch break with my sweetgreen salad in hand. I almost always buy lunch (which I know I shouldn’t to save money) so I didn’t think much of the walk back to my office. I walk inside my building located in downtown crossing and hop in the elevator per usual. Next thing I know, the elevator goes up and just stops without the doors opening.

One of my biggest fears is getting stuck in an elevator, especially alone, so of course I begin to PANIC. I’ve heard of fellow coworkers getting stuck, so I start freaking out even further about how long I will be in this tiny box by myself. After about 5 minutes of me trying to pry open the doors, they open allowing me to rush out of there as if it had been days.

So many of the older buildings downtown have sketchy elevators. This issue should be fixed sooner rather than later so there isn’t that fear in the back of our minds daily as we go to work. Someone get on this!


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