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Traveling King Tut Exhibit Set to Stop in Boston This Summer

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A traveling historical exhibit is making its way through 10 cities across the world, and our very own Boston is one of those cities. This is a revolutionary exhibit as it is centered around the treasures of King Tut, the Golden Pharaoh. It is set to feature over 150 pieces from King Tut’s treasures; 60 of which had not left Egypt before the forming of this exhibit. The exhibit is set to open on June 13th at the Saunder Castle in Plaza Park in Boston, and tickets are already on sale.

In an effort to entice excitement, when Boston’s Mayor announced the exhibit at City Hall, he invited groups of middle school students to watch the announcement and gave them all free tickets to the event later this year. It’s a wonderful way to get students more interested and involved with history, especially world history. It’s often easy for educators to focus more on American history, and kids tend to end up with a gap in knowledge in not knowing much about other cultures. World history is so important for growth and understanding of people of all cultures, and this exhibit is an incredible opportunity for Boston. Get on those tickets before they’re sold out!

Announcement article from WCVB5.

Image from Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash.