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Trey Kennedy Knows We're All Basic Witches in Fall

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Girls in fall be like... 2019 Edition ( source: via Trey Kennedy's YouTube channel. )

Girls in fall be like... 2019 Edition

via Trey Kennedy's YouTube channel.

One of the most popular videos to make its way around the internet last year was by a YouTuber by the name of Trey Kennedy. He is best known on his channel for sketch videos depicting relateable scenarios like all sports fans be like, all middle schoolers are like, or all mom's during back to school time. But one video of his in particular made the rounds on Facebook and other platforms last year because it had most women saying 'YUP. You got me!'

On October 29th, 2018, Trey released a video titled 'Girls during fall be like...' of him making ridiculous fall puns, giggling like a weirdo, and just generally being extra. The video is hilarious and not entirely wrong because let's be real so many woman adore the fall season, get their pumpkin spice lattes every chance they get, and find any reason to wear a cute sweater. He's got us pegged; there's no denying it.

Recently, he just dropped the 2019 edition of girls in fall and it's equally as telling and entertaining. Check out both here for some wholesome content on a crisp, fall Friday!