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'Triller' Might Become America's New TikTok

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As TikTok fights a looming ban across several countries including the US, India, and Pakistan, several of its long-term competitors are seizing the opportunity to gain a momentum of their own. Triller, a short-video sharing app that launched back in 2015, is one app that is primarily seeking to replace TikTok as America’s no. 1 video sharing platform. The app currently has only a fraction of TikTok’s 100 million followers. But its holding dialogues with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs for potential mergers. If a deal enables Triller to go public, it may dispose of TikTok and assume the position of one of the most desired apps in the US.

The talks follow TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance’s endeavors to finalize a deal that would spin off the app’s US operations in response to President Trump’s threat to ban it over concerns that its user data could be shared with China’s government. TikTok has denied those allegations. The deal would set up a US-based company called TikTok Global that would be partially owned by American software firm Oracle and retail giant Walmart. The deal is, however, still in limbo as Trump is unhappy with ByteDance’s involvement. It is being reported that the approval process might not materialize until November.

Triller is a platform that Trump uses himself, so it’s likely that the President will back it up over a ‘Chinese’ app. Other celebs on the platform include Alicia Keys, Cardi B, Eminem. Triller and TikTok have met over legal fallouts in recent months. In July, for instance, the company accused TikTok in a July lawsuit of infringing on its patent for tying together multiple music videos with one audio track. Triller was also speculatively one of the bidders for TikTok. But the rumors were later debunked by Byte Dance.