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Trisha Paytas' New Video is Receiving Some Major Backlash and Sparking Debate

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*since pronouns have not been specified by Trisha Paytas, I will be referring to the YouTube star as they/them to avoid any misgendering*

YouTuber Trisha Paytas uploaded a new video to their channel, running 15 minutes and titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." Paytas tearfully lets their viewers know how this identity affects them and their struggles, and gives explanation to this announcement. "In my head," Paytas says, "I feel like I'm a transgender female to male, but also a drag queen."

This video has received some major backlash, especially from those who identify as LGBTQ+, who say that Paytas is exploiting the community for views. This is because, while Paytas claims to be a transgender man, they still identify as their "natural born gender" and claims to identify as a "gay man" who likes to dress in drag. They also admit that the video should not be considered a "coming out video" and that they just wish to normalize that someone can be any gender they choose on any day.

While some comments have been supportive, a lot have claimed that Paytas is making light of LGBTQ+ struggles and attempting to follow a "trend," not truly understanding that so many are discriminated against and sometimes killed for embracing their trans identity. However, Paytas has continuously stood up for their self, saying these people "don't know [them], [their] journey, [their] struggle, [their] transition," and laying out their past of working with a gender identity therapist. As for being a drag queen and identifying with their assigned gender at birth, Paytas backfires with, "Because I don't look like a traditional male on the outside, I'm a joke? Men can wear dresses, heels and makeup u know."

A few have come to Paytas' aid, like Jake Edwards, who claimed that although the language used in the video may be potentially harmful to the trans community and Trisha Paytas may be confused, it doesn't give people the right to hate on her transition.

 ( source: Jason Nash // YouTube )

Jason Nash // YouTube

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